The Famous Thai Dessert Kanom Mor Gaeng

Kanom Mor-Gaeng, Petchaburi, Thailand


The Famous Thai Dessert Kanom Mor-Gaeng, Petchaburi, Thailand

Petchaburi province is where the origin of the well known traditional Thai custard called “ Kanom Mor-Gaeng”.

This custard dessert is quite famous among the Thai and now widely available throughout the country.

Thai dessert always consists of 4 main ingredients flour, coconut, sugar and eggs.

Petchaburi province produce the best palm sugar in Thailand, perhaps the Palm sugar contributes to the beginning of the best Thai sweet “Khanom Mor-Geng”

I personally like the Kanom Mor gaeng of Mae Pin brand, the recipe belong to the Grandma Pin for over 80 years and it has passed down generations. Eventhough, Grandma Pin passed away a long time ago but her reputation of baking “Kanom Mor Gaeng“ is still alive and well remembered by its yummy test.

They use fresh duck eggs, coconut from the certain district of Tub Sakae in the Prachaub Khirikhan province and Palm Sugar of Petchaburi.

The ingredients must be carefully chosen and measured before mixing and then bake for 45 minutes.

[Source From Khun Gai]

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